SICE & C SRL is an Italian company born in 1968, which mainly operates in the distribution of electronic components, accessories and spare parts. Since the beginning it has focused on the electronic professional field and consumer field, batteries and power supply devices.
Following the development of the market, Sice increased its business enlarging the product range with new professional items for video surveillance and LED lighting.

Through 40 years of experience, 30 employees and 20 agents, Sice gained a relevant position in the Italian and European market of electronic distribution.

We mainly focus on the following products:
• Passive components and semiconductors
• Batteries, battery chargers and power supplies
• IR remote controls for consumers, and RF mode for servomechanism
• Professional tools, sprays, multimeter
• Power supply cables, RCA cables and networking cables
• LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial areas
• CCTV cameras and systems