4839268 / TC-NH9844ISA H.265 2MP 44x panoramic Starlight AEW IR PTZ

H.265 2MP 44x panoramic Starlight AEW IR PTZ

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  • Tiandy products are certified CE FCC ISO IK10 Tiandy products are certified CE FCC ISO IK10
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Technical specifications
- panoramic and moving point channels are all 1/1.8
  inch Progressive Scan CMOS sensors
- panoramic channel horizontal viewing angle up to 180 degrees,
  vertical field angle of 88 degrees
- panoramic channel supports three bit stream output at the
  same time, the main stream of the highest resolution 30fps
- panoramic channel support for intelligent analysis, including
  tripping lines, regional invasion, entry area, departure area,
  moving alarms within the set area, continuous stabilization
  tracking within the set tracking time
- support for panoramic multi-target tracking, target tracking,
  multi-target tracking, automatic switching support support
  simultaneous detection of 60 target support manual selection,
  support the detection of 120 x 120 meter range target,
  the target switch < 1
- support fixed point channel, 3D positioning and panoramic 
  hannel 3D positioning function, you can click, locate and
  zoom in
- Fixed point channel 44 times optical zoom
- point channel support 500-800 meters infrared laser light
- fixed point channel supports three bit stream output at the
  same time, the maximum bit stream resolution 1080p@60fps
- fixed point channel, precision motor drive, sensitive response,
  smooth operation
- fixed point channel support warning plan quick call
- Built in visual laser, fixed point channel can be linked with laser
  warning, support manual switch on / off
- support one click watch function
- support alert plan, quick call
- Support port alarm linkage, sound and light warning
- 360 degrees continuous rotation, manual control speed: 0.1 to
  160 degrees /s, preset accuracy of 0.2 degrees
- Vertical rotation angle -16 degrees to 90 degrees, manual control
  speed: 0.1 ~ 120 degrees /s
- support keying, limiting and zoom functions
- support S+265/H.265, H.264, HP/MP/BP and M-JPEG coding
- Support structured semantics
- Character overlay support bitmap fonts
- support standard API development interface, support world SDK,
  Onvif access
- support PAL/NTSC switching, with good regional applicability
- Support automatic flip, power down memory, restart regularly
- support anti shake, fog penetration, scene mode setting
- support area focus, area exposure, backlight compensation area,
  optional day night mode
- Dual kernel backup
- OSD supports image overlay, MTU settings, multicast, heartbeat,
  black and white lists, and so on
- built-in heat treatment equipment, reducing the temperature of
  the ball machine cavity, to prevent fog inside the ball machine
- Built in WiFi probe with a coverage of 200 meters
- IP66, TVS, class four lightning protection, anti surge, anti sudden
- Security protection, 5 password error locking device, 5min



4839268 - Datasheet

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